“Those Who Deny Freedom to Others, Deserve It Not For Themselves.”

 – Abraham Lincoln


“To Educate the Public of Government overreach, regulations, bills, laws, and such like, that affect our Freedoms and what Action we can take.”

Amy Willis


Amy Willis served with the Constitution Party of SD during 2004-2009. She fought actively to preserve our freedoms and limit the government to the “chains of the Constitution”.Amy also is a Master Herbalist and certified Naturopath. She owns a small business in Sioux Falls and has been serving the community for nine years now.Amy and her husband have three grown sons, and one daughter still living at home.Seeing the usurpation of our Freedoms in 2020, Amy and other patriots decided to take Action. Amy’s love for Freedom, Truth, and our Constitution is compelling.


Vice Chair



N. Hanson



Board Member at Large

J. Driezen

Board Member at Large

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